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Coworking Bansko

Book a Coliving:

Our coliving consists a spacios coworking in the ground floor, 4 living floors with units of 3 types: basic room, suite and 2 floor massionette. Also, a bar, gym, spa area (soon), shared proffesionally equipped social kitchen and many more perks... Did we mention the techno club?


Membership is just €149 incl. VAT per month!

We also have weekly and a 3-month options. Come check us out ;)


Benefits of Coworking Bansko:

1. The first coworking in Bansko (and the most loved one).

2. We have at least 5 events every week incl. Techno Parties, Hot Springs Night every Thursday and many more (there is always something happening.

3. We have a 64 apartment coliving space!


our Coliving+Coworking now in PROMO Price: 499Eu/month

1. Full coworking plan included. (159Eu Value)

2. All bills included

3. 4-star accomodation, Shared Kitchen, Coworking and Coliving in one location.

In The Media

How Others Describe The Magic Of Coworking Bansko

We Have Several Locations Around Town, Open 24/7


The Social Space

This is our main location. Always something going on here. Great to get to know people. Also has a big event area with all our boardgames.

The Lounge

If you prefer to work in a coffee shop atmosphere or just hang out then the Lounge is a great place. It has a rooftop terrace in the summer.

The Playground

A magical place in the forest to enjoy nature, party, camp, make a fire or build something cool!

An Introduction to Coworking Bansko

Find out where you will work and play!

It's never boring in Bansko

Activities And Events

There are many activities and events that make it easy to connect with other members. A typical week at Coworking Bansko consists of:

  • Board Game Night, Soccer, Improv and sometimes Karaoke

  • Group Dinners, Potluck BBQs, and having a drink

  • Movie Night, Camp-out, Biking, and Hikes

  • Showtime, Skillshares, Presentations, and Masterminds

We are a self-organized community so our members also host a lot of events and organize activities.


Membership is just €149 incl. VAT per month!

We also have weekly and a 3-month options. Come check us out ;)



Bansko Nomad Fest 2024

JUNE 23 - JUNE 30, 2024


For one week hundreds of nomads, remote workers and freelancers will take over a beautiful village in Bulgaria for an amazing mix of presentations, workshops, sports, mindfulness and nature.

More info and registration ->

Tips & Tricks

Easy Landing in Bansko

We make your life in Bansko super easy with these insider resources.


All the info about Bansko in one place. Bansko Wiki provides perfect insights of what you can expect when you join or visit us.



Your guide for Bansko - all recommendations in a single guide. Get to know the town before you choose how long to stay for.


The Artworks about Coworking Bansko


Can you find all the easter eggs?

A lot of things happen at the Coworking space year-round and Adela has captured a lot of our stories and members in this amazing mural: we have 7 puppies, engagement proposal mermaids, kitten neutering, the 3pm beer club, cold plunges in the river, lots of sponsors, and so much more. It tells the story of the epic summer of 2019. You can zoom in on a lot of details here.

We also had Irena, from the Art of Irina, do a cool search picture that contains many members to celebrate the opening of our Lounge location in December 2020. Can you find Matthias in it? Or any other members?


Where is Matthias?

Together As One

Partners & Friends


Membership is just €149 incl. VAT per month!

We also have weekly and flexible 3-month options. Come check us out ;)

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Main location and Coliving:
Please check-in at this location

Glazne, ul. "Kir Blago Todev" 1

2770 Bansko

Closest Airports:

Sofia - Bulgaria (2 hours) - easiest
Kavala - Greece (2.5 hours)
Thessaloniki - Greece (3.5 hours)

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